Tarot is a divination, psychological and analytical tool. Tarot not only helps us do future divination, but it also helps us to create our future through knowledge.

Tarot can change our lives by making us aware of the choices and patterns of outcomes of our life. It helps us to look into the inner workings of our own lives and gain new perspectives. Have you ever thought about how Tarot works? Readers have different theories on how Tarot Works. There are many theories that can be used to explain how it works.

  • Synchronicity: Synchronicity can be defined as moments of “meaningful coincidences”. When two or more events seem to be related but cannot be adequately explained by cause and effect, the theory for how and why the events occur together is synchronicity. So in a tarot reading why a particular card comes in a particular position in a spread for a client and gives the answer to his/her question which makes sense? In a spread, the randomness of the cards becomes not so random. The spread and the cards have a meaning. These meanings cause simple coincidences to give way to Synchronicity.
  • Collective unconscious: The Tarot cards can reveal through their imagery such repressions. Outside the personal conscious and unconscious, we have super conscious where our higher self-resides along with the records of past lives and all that we have learned. The superconscious is also our connection with the divine and can be accessed through deep meditation and hypnosis. The collective unconscious can be also linked to Akashic Records. The symbols on Tarot cards can help us tap into the collective unconscious of the seeker and inform about what he/she wants to know. This also helps in understanding the psychological aspects of a tarot reading as psychology has a great impact on how we live our life. A tarot reader who is attuned to his/her tarot deck will integrate his/her energy into the cards by shuffling so that the deck can draw appropriate cards. The cards are also given to seeker/reader for shuffling so that the cards can be imbued with the client’s energies and the collective unconscious. When a tarot reader is able to tap into a collective unconscious he/she can perform distance readings. It is on tarot reader’s preference whether to give face to face or distance/email/phone readings

  • Tarot cards work through spiritual intervention. When we ask a question, shuffle the cards and lay them out in a spread our hands are divinely guided by God, Goddess, Angels, and Fairies to pull the right cards in the right spread to give the right message to reader/client.

  • True tarot readers use body language and responses in a more ethical way only to help the seeker/client. Tarot readings do work whether the seeker is present in front of a reader or he/she is miles away. A true tarot reading given in front of the client/seeker will be as effective as an email tarot reading given to him miles away.